Environmentally Friendly Landscaping


Everyone needs to contribute to making the world a better place. One way to do this in a very practical way is right in your backyard. Here are a few tips about the best way to  create an environmentally friendly and a beautiful  lawn in  Dallas/Fort Worth region.

At times, the temperature and annual rainfall in some regions do not favor Dallas landscaping. The heat and dryness that prevails during the summer months can also come in the way of growing some plants which thrive in cooler and climates. Your very best bet would be to grow native plants which are well adapted to the climate and soils of North Texas. An example of the native plants is the buffalo grass which is found throughout the Southern parts. This requires very little water for its growth. The native plants are known to need less water and have stronger colors compared to non-native plants. In addition to that,  indigenous plants will delight in the climate which exotic plants have trouble adjusting to. After you seed your yard, select a variety of plants that can go for days without water. These kinds of plantlet at any home improvement store.

Better Plants for Your  Area.

Many plants will probably be at home in the climate and soils of North Texas. Bee Balm is one great choice for  Dallas/Fort Worth region. A nursery may be another source of advice about what to plant in your area. Fruit trees are also a great option for this particular region as well as pecan trees which are famous  for their nuts.

A number of the flowers come in a variety of colors. Daylilies are also a great choice for your Dallas area. These are flowers with six petals. They come in a variety of colors. Although a lot of daylilies only blossom in the early morning  hours, some species remain open until  evening.

Look for new Watering Strategies.

When it comes to issues regarding watering, it’s important that you do it in an environmentally friendly way. You can save water, save cash, and still have a lovely yard all at once. If you have a big garden, you should consider using trickle Dallas irrigation system for your plants. Using other hand watering methods such as a sprinkler and watering is not advisable. If you use these methods, you end up losing lots of water to evaporation. Drip irrigation serves as a reliable water source for your plants with minimal loss of water.

Another terrific way to conserve Water would be to harvest rainwater. Some people either create their own rain barrel, or they purchase a rainwater harvesting system. You can collect lots of water even in one rainy afternoon. These are both excellent options for maintaining a healthy while saving money and conserving water.


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